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Arbitrage International
Project Management, Change Management

Arbitrage International - Project Management, Change Management

Arbitrage International is an independent team of experienced change managers....programme managers, project managers, cost managers, site managers, process managers and management consultants. Each with his or her own expertise and experience, all are used to work on a senior management level in an international environment.

All members of our team have Dutch as native language and are fluent in English (verbal and written), other languages (working level) of our team members include: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French. Home-base of most of the members of our team is The Netherlands, although at the moment team members are also residing in Russia, Brazil and the UAE. In the 'About' section we have including under 'Worked For, Worked With' we have listed a selection of the companies and countries where our team members have delivered services.

The members of our team have gained extensive experience in complex projects....we have worked with and for clients especially in complicated project....not only from inception, but also when a projects becomes problematic. When you need extra resources, when you need more experience and expertise with a project which already has problems in terms of quality, budget or in-timely delivery, when you have to evaluate the impact of an unexpected event. We have worked when a client needs a sparring partner, needs a second opinion at the moment that things are not going as they were expected to go.

Arbitrage International is not working in fixed teams, we are tailoring our resources to the requirements of our (potential) client. We are composing a team of experts to manage the change as required by the (potential) client...our starting points in the composition and management of the teams are:
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Flexible
Use the buttons above to navigate in order to find more information about our organisation, about the services we offer and about the members of our team. Our focus is on property programmes and projects (both office and retail). However, we don’t limit ourselves to the property programmes and projects, we also provide Management Consulting services in the following areas (based on the experience and expertise of our team members):
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Organisation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Concept Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Interim Management
  • Business Development
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Training & Coaching


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